About the Hatchery

    * Hatchery consists of equipment and machines modern and sophisticated and from global origin where we equip the production and production of chicks according to the required specifications in this area to increase production and improve quality and increase the poultry activity to fill the shortage this country from this foodstuff

    * Producing our hatchery from global originals in this field to produce hatching eggs and a production capacity of up to (400) thousand chick per month

    * Set up special halls to vaccinate the chickens with one day old and in modern and sophisticated ways and the latest machines in this area.

    * Increase the absorptive capacity of hatchery from hatching eggs from (400) thousand per month to (800) thousand

    * Owning refrigerated trucks to transport the chicks from the hatchery to the fields to ensure their arrival in very good condition

    * Establishment of breeding fields for production hatching eggs (chicken meat).