The company's future aspirations

    - Establishment of a project for the production and production of table eggs and a production capacity (250 000 chickens) in the form of Four halls (three for production and one for up growth )


    - Establishment of a project for the breeding and production of hatching mothers and a card (25000 for chicken mothers) to be a ring New production of Local chick


    - The establishment of breeding fields for the production of chicken meat (4 fields) by capacity of one field (50000 chickens per meal) by annual capacity for the fields are (1600000 chickens per year)


    - The establishment of a massacre of the chicken islands and a production capacity (5000 chickens in hour)  from Global origins and Therefore access  the project to the integrated rings


    - We are in the process of developing the workshops of the project and increase the production of all episodes to reach the self-sufficiency of the country.