The goals of the company

    1. Provision of food for Growth for Animal  is an important part of the livestock in the country, namely fish and poultry and contributes to the promotion and raise the rates of human consumption of white meat and table eggs
    2. contributes to raising levels of national food security and Filling the shortfall in  quantities compared to the quantities of annual demand in the Present  and future
    3. provides jobs to add to the activity provided by which is an economic activity and attracts the largest number of technical and professional staff
    4. increases efficiency nutrition and  Reduce  the amount Consumption  for the kilograms of meat produced by 40-50% compared to tradition feed non - processed in the form of (PLT) in addition to facilitate the process of equipping  animal by protein
    5. The project is Contribute to the achievement of productive integration between it and other productive activities in the agricultural sector
    6. The investor and his cadres have extensive experience in managing and operating feed projects, especially poultry feed and fish feed
    7. 7- Quality of products for breeders who prefer fresh production compared to imported products, which take a long time to reach to the farm