About Us



    Our company is an Iraqi limited liability company established in (2007)  by 

    our subjective effort to produce fish feed at the beginning of establishment


    During the year ( 2012 ) the company was developed and we set up fodder  production plant for produce  the chicken feed and by card of twenty tons per hour ( 49600 tons per year

    Added a new line for the production of floating fish feed and in modern and sophisticated methods and 5 tons per hour ) 24,800 tons per year)

    In addition, a Hatchery for the production the chicks and a card (400 thousand chick per month) was created from Global  companies  leading in this area .


    Our aim is to optimize the development of the poultry and fish farming sector in Iraq by supplying the local market with the Initial  materials and the necessary products necessary for the growth and support of this vital sector, which is important in food security by following from the international companies leading in this field